“Freely you have received, freely you give.” What a great and special quote this is. It is the heart of God to those who have received His love and message of life changing grace. As Matthew penned these words of the Lord Jesus (while Jesus was sending out the 12 Apostles to share the great news of life change within their community), I doubt he was thinking about the way this principle would be used 2,000 years later.

Let’s call it grace being ‘paid forward’… The mystery of the life change in the various recovery fellowships on earth today are found in the action of the 12 steps of recovery. We of Joy of the Lord Ministries would love to share with you this grace that God has so freely given us over the last three years or so. The first Monday of each month we do our ‘Truth Teaching’ which is a study of the step of the month (January is step 1, February step 2, etc.). These teachings are a masterful and powerful combination of the biblical roots and personal experience of our primary ‘Truth Teacher’, Chris S., a man with more than 30 years of sobriety. He and his wife ran a powerful Christ-centered recovery ministry for 10 years and has graciously given of his time, talents and resources in an easy to understand and challenging format.

These teachings can be used for individual or group studies much like we do each month at JOTL. We pray you find the life changing love of the Father in these messages so that you in turn can apply them and ultimately, freely receive and freely give. Enjoy!

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